Can Youth Sports Parents #DaretoChill?

Don't we all want to enjoy your child's youth sports experience more?

The Colorado Positive Coaching Alliance, with a grant from the Daniels Fund, has created a video with a #DaretoChill campaign tied around it to achieve just that.  

I am reaching out to all of you to help join the movement.


If you could help ALL kids stay in sports with a simple social media post, would you?

Today some 70% of U.S. children quit sports by age 13, often due to parental pressure. Once they’re done, they miss out on all the important life lessons and health benefits that sports have to offer.

PCA gets it – parents just want their kids to do well. Turns out the best way for that to happen is counterintuitive: Studies show that kids enjoy sports more, play longer, and even perform better when their parents relax and let youth sports be their kids’ thing.

That’s why, thanks to a grant from the Daniels Fund, Positive Coaching Alliance-Colorado is spreading word about a movement of parents who are brave enough to back off so their kids will stay in the game. Your help in making sure parents get the message through our fun new campaign can have a positive impact on the youth we serve.


One way is to be a part of the PCA Thunderclap- How does it work?

1. Thunderclap is a crowd sharing social medium that allows our message to be broadcast on a specific day and time. Here is our link:

2. Once you are on the Dare to Chill Thunderclap page, you will have the option of choosing “Support with Facebook”, “Support with Twitter”, or “Support with Tumblr”. Partners can choose one or multiple.

3. Once you click on one of the options, a preview of the post will come up. For Facebook and Twitter, you will have the option of customizing your post.

4. Once you have decided which platform you’d like the post to run on, you click “Add my support”. The post will then run on that platform at the specified time.